Straightening Natural Hair!!! Yay or nah?

I know there are a lot of naturals who are totally against straightening their natural hair and will even go as far to say that if you alter your natural pattern at all then you are no longer natural. Well I’m not one of those naturals and below I’ll explain just how I “safely” straighten my hair. I only do this about 2-3 times a year because it can be a tedious project and plus through experience I’ve learned that my hair is just healthier when I keep my heat usage to a minimum.

If you’re natural do you use heat on your hair? If so how and if not why not?

Straighten my natural hair a few days ago and I got the best results using these two tools and a little grapseed and extra virgin olive oil mixture. The wigo brush can be used to blow dry the hair but I have extra tight curls in the back and didn’t want to run the risk of unnecessarily breaking my hair. On wash day I did a wet bun and the next day I finger detangled my hair and then flat ironed with the Conair flat iron on 365 (my ends are colored so I wanted to do the safest heat setting) and did the chase method with the brush. I did one pass only and got very straight, soft and shiny hair. I’m all about keeping my styling to a minimum and keeping my hair safe as I can while still styling as I choose. 

The Wigo brush was $18.99 and I purchased it at Ulta and I received the Conair flat iron as a birthday gift but I’ve seenit retail for $29.99. I highly recommend both products for natural and relaxed ladies 🙂


My hair after.


The Wigo straightening brush.


Conair flat iron.